COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Prioritizing TX-24 families

Yesterday the White House launched which is meant to provide updates and resources regarding the Coronavirus outbreak. However, many of these resources have not been translated into the first languages of many of our neighbors. 

Given the growing diversity of TX-24, and our nation, we must ensure that these safety guidelines are accessible to all Americans. Failing to do so, could cost American lives.

21.9% and 32.2% of households in the nation and TX-24 respectively speak a language other than English in their home. In order to ensure all Americans are able to follow the protocols regarding COVID-19, I'm calling on the White House and the CDC to make available additional translations of these life saving safety guidelines. 

While our country waits on the Trump Administration to do the right thing, our campaign is taking action. We are utilizing our vast network of volunteers to get these guidelines translated to languages spoken by families in TX-24. You can find these translations here. So far we've translated the CDC guidelines to Hindi and Vietnamese, and we will be adding more soon--including Korean and Arabic.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. And stay home.



Other Translations

COVD19 Vietnamese (pdf)


जानिए कैसे फैलता है - Google Docs (pdf)




مركز الأمراض للتوجيه الوقائي لمرض الفيروز (pdf)


COVID-19 Urdu (pdf)


Town Halls

Files coming soon.

Other REsources