New Politics


 “We are proud to endorse a leader in Kim Olson who has dedicated her life to service, from her distinguished military career to her continued leadership at home in Texas. She has been a trailblazer throughout her life, and she will bring a much needed dose of courage and leadership to Congress.” 

Vote Vets



"This is a no-nonsense person, who gets things done, come hell or high water.  More importantly, when she gets things done, it isn’t for herself, it’s for others.  Whether it was men and women under her command, or for schoolkids in Texas, Kim Olsn is just about getting it done.  That’s why she’s going to be a great Congresswoman."

Serve America


Serve America is a political organization that supports military veterans, other service-driven candidates, and next generation leaders running for federal, state, and local offices. Serve America  believes candidates with military and service backgrounds come to Congress better prepared with leadership skills and unique and critical perspectives to offer. 

Stonewall Democrats of Dallas


Stonewall Democrats of Dallas is an organization of politically active individuals working for the LGBTQ community in the city of Dallas and the state of Texas.