When I see a problem, I fix it. That's why I took on outdated policies in the Air Force, bad political strategy in Iraq, and failed veteran support at the VA. That's also why I'm running for TX-24. Congress is broken, and the warrior in me is leading the fight to fix it. 


U.S. Congressional District 24 is a key commercial powerhouse for North Texas and a hub of global trade for America. We need a leader that will bring stability amid the chaos in D.C. and will ensure economic opportunities that are robust, abundant, and accessible to all. With a longstanding commitment to "we" over "me," Kim understands that this race isn't just about a single seat in the U.S. House... it's about bringing pride and prosperity to all of our homes. TX-24 deserves leadership that works just as hard as the people who live here. TX-24 needs Kim Olson. If you're "All In for Kim," donate now and sign up to receive updates, below.



Kim Olson’s 28-year military career and public service, coupled with her educational, business, financial, and foreign policy background, make her exceptionally qualified to represent TX-24. 

U.S. Air Force – 25 years active duty, retired as a Colonel. Olson was among the first generation of female military pilots. She commanded troops in combat zones including Iraq, and volunteered 3 additional years after retirement in the Texas State Guard.

Director of HR for Dallas ISD - Oversaw $1 Billion dollar budget and 22,000 employees.

Weatherford ISD Trustee – Earned Texas Outstanding Board of the Year.

CEO of Grace After Fire – Helped over 6,000 Veteran families and ensured equitable access to care.

Texas Women’s Hall of Fame - Inducted in 2014 for her public service to Texans.


Kim Olson earned a record 3.8 million votes when she ran for Texas Agriculture Commissioner in 2018. Visiting 244 counties, she learned first-hand the needs of Texans and their families.

The hallmarks of Kim Olson's leadership are mutual respect, inspiring others, and a steadfast commitment to service.