When I see a problem, I fix it. That's why I took on outdated policies in the Air Force, bad political strategy in Iraq, and failed veteran support at the VA. That's also why I'm running for TX-24. Congress is broken, and the warrior in me is leading the fight to fix it. 


Trump’s reckless behavior makes him unfit to be Commander-in-Chief. He cares more about his poll numbers than our troops. When elected I'll be Texas’ first female combat veteran in Congress and will put our service members over politics.


U.S. Congressional District 24 is a key commercial powerhouse for North Texas and a hub of global trade for America. We need a leader that will bring stability amid the chaos in D.C. and will ensure economic opportunities that are robust, abundant, and accessible to all. With a longstanding commitment to "we" over "me," Kim understands that this race isn't just about a single seat in the U.S. House... it's about bringing pride and prosperity to all of our homes. TX-24 deserves leadership that works just as hard as the people who live here. TX-24 needs Kim Olson. If you're "All In for Kim," donate now and sign up to receive updates, below.



Kim Olson’s 28-year military career and public service, coupled with her educational, business, financial, and foreign policy background, make her exceptionally qualified to represent TX-24. 

U.S. Air Force – 25 years active duty, retired as a Colonel. Olson was among the first generation of female military pilots. She commanded troops in combat zones including Iraq, and volunteered 3 additional years after retirement in the Texas State Guard.

Director of HR for Dallas ISD - Oversaw $1 Billion dollar budget and 22,000 employees.

Weatherford ISD Trustee – Earned Texas Outstanding Board of the Year.

CEO of Grace After Fire – Helped over 6,000 Veteran families and ensured equitable access to care.

Texas Women’s Hall of Fame - Inducted in 2014 for her public service to Texans.


Kim Olson earned a record 3.8 million votes when she ran for Texas Agriculture Commissioner in 2018. Visiting 244 counties, she learned first-hand the needs of Texans and their families.

The hallmarks of Kim Olson's leadership are mutual respect, inspiring others, and a steadfast commitment to service.